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Teacher Training


Immerse yourself in TotalFusion’s expert-led teacher training programs. Include Yoga Teacher Training, Restorative and Aerial Teacher Trainings, along with Reformer Pilates Teacher Training.


Are you looking to take your yoga practice to the next level?
Our Yoga Teacher Training course is the perfect way to enhance your expertise and become a skilled yoga teacher. Our 250-hour course, accredited by Yoga Alliance, spans 8 weekends and provides a comprehensive education in Vinyasa Yoga, alignment principles, breathing techniques, and much more.

You’ll learn the traditional teachings of yoga and gain valuable knowledge of modern science to ensure a well-rounded education. Under the guidance of our team of skilled professionals, you’ll receive hands-on learning and pose adjustments to help sharpen your teaching skills.

This course isn’t just for aspiring yoga teachers, it’s also perfect for anyone looking to deepen their own personal practice and knowledge. So, if you’re looking for a way to enrich your life through yoga, our Yoga Teacher Training course is the perfect opportunity.


Embrace tranquillity with our Restorative Yoga Teacher Training program, spanning two comprehensive levels: 

Four Pillars of Stillness and Deep Rest. This training is focused on mastering the art of stillness, this in-depth training empowers you to deeply understand and facilitate healing through restorative movement. You’ll learn a unique sequence specifically designed to rejuvenate the endocrine and nervous systems, enhancing overall wellbeing. 

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga instructor or a wellness enthusiast, our course equips you with the knowledge and techniques to create deeply calming and therapeutic experiences for yourself and others. 

Ideal for those aiming to specialise in restorative practices, this course is your gateway to mastering both the science and soul of Restorative Yoga, enabling you to contribute meaningfully to the mental and physical health of your community. Discover the transformative power of rest and stillness as you journey through this enriching training program.

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Looking to take your yoga instructing to new heights? Look no further than our upcoming Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course at TotalFusion. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to expand your skill set or you’re fresh off the heels of completing your Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training, this program offers an unparalleled opportunity to broaden your expertise and specialse in the dynamic and exciting field of aerial yoga. 

By taking part in this course, you’ll be able to stand out in the wellness industry with a unique blend of advanced aerial techniques, teaching methodologies, and a deep understanding of how aerial yoga can positively impact both the body and mind. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to elevate your teaching skills and make the most of your passion for yoga. Register for TotalFusion’s Aerial Yoga Teacher Training today!

Reformer Pilates Teacher Training

Join the 80-hour TotalFusion Reformer Pilates Teacher Training, a blend of classical and modern Pilates designed for both enthusiasts and aspiring instructors. This program covers Pilates matwork and Reformer principles, offering practical, hands-on training to master dynamic classes, understand functional anatomy, and use Pilates terminology. Graduates become confident, nationally recognised instructors, equipped to teach in various settings across Australia. The course focuses on promoting health, flexibility, and strength, providing a solid foundation for a rewarding Pilates career.

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