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Medical & Scientific Advisory Board

TotalFusion’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Board is composed of esteemed experts in their individual fields, all of whom share a strong passion for the science of human longevity and quality of life. We hold evidence, critical reasoning, and integrity in the highest regard, and endeavour to set an example as the gold standard of these values being core in the emerging wellness and longevity space. We collaborate on research initiatives, challenging nuances of individual patient cases, the latest insights in longevity science, and its clinical applications.


M E E T   T H E   T E A M

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Board Chairman

Medical Examiner of Divers – Scott Haldane Foundation

Doctor of Medicine – The University of Queensland

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical – Columbia University in the City of New York

Bachelor of Engineering Science – The University of Western Ontario

Dr. Simon Baarbé is the Chairman of the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board and Medical Director for TotalFusion. Simon’s unique career began in the world of private intelligence, where his investigative acumen and analytical approaches to finding truth within swaths of discordant data contributed to landmark victories in the New York Supreme Court for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and other public and private entities in investigations of organised crime, fraud, and corruption. That same reverence for truth, critical reasoning, and an outside-the-box engineering problem-solving approach is now the foundation of his medical practice and professional passion: a strategic, proactive, evidence-informed application of longevity science, empowering clients to shift their odds in favour of living as well as they can for as long as humanly possible.

His professional interest was formed by his time working in public and private hospitals alongside experts in a variety of medical and surgical specialties, treating patients across a broad spectrum of health issues. During this time, he realised the majority of patients were in hospital due to preventable or delayable age-related chronic conditions. Had they taken more drastic action sooner, many could still be enjoying a higher quality of life, still enjoying the activities most meaningful to them.

During his personal time, Simon enjoys outdoor adventure sports, and misadventure generally. Though he has far too many hobbies, he often finds himself staying late in his office, or at home with his dog while quietly staying current on the cutting edge of all things related to human longevity.


Research Fellow

Dr. Julio Aguado earned his PhD in Systems Medicine in 2018 from the European School of Molecular Medicine and is currently a senior scientist at the University of Queensland. He ranks among the top 0.54% of global researchers in aging research and actively contributes to international evaluation committees. A member of Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council’s Grant Review Panel, he has a decade-long research-focused academic career in human aging and longevity. 

Dr. Aguado’s work, published in leading scientific journals such as Aging Cell, Science Advances, Nature Communications, and Ageing Research Reviews, reflects his dedication to unraveling the intricacies of aging. Notably, he has secured over $1,500,000 in competitive fellowships and research grants, primarily during his postdoctoral stage, underscoring his commitment to pioneering research. Currently, Dr. Aguado directs his curiosity towards the interplay of cellular senescence in brain aging. He is particularly interested in interventions like enolytics to enhance both lifespan and health span. His journey signifies an enduring pursuit of knowledge and a determination to shape a healthier future through innovative research.

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Dr. Nicholas West is a molecular immunologist in the Mucosal Immunology Research Group at Griffith University. Nic’s research focus is on the interaction of our gut microbiome and immune system in health and disease, with a particular focus on ‘inflammaging’. As part of his research, Nic co-leads the AussieGut™ initiative, which aims to develop an understanding of the microbiome in the Australian population. In his spare time, Nic is an avid biohacker, spends too much time at his coffee machine, and enjoys travel.


Research Director

Ben Kennedy is currently the MRI Clinical and Research Director at Mermaid Beach Radiology and Brisbane Radiology. He has a master’s degree in MRI from the University of Queensland and is currently an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Menzies School of Health Research.

His specialties are MRI pulse sequence development and the translation of research applications into clinical mainstream imaging. He has a long-standing MRI clinical sciences collaboration with Philips Healthcare, Netherlands.

Ben has been an invited speaker at organisations such as the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), International Society for Magnetic Resonance Technologists and Radiographers (ISMRT), European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB), European Society for Head and Neck Radiology (ESHNR), Asian-Oceanian Congress of Neuroradiology (AOCNR), Queensland Hand Surgery Society (QHSS), Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT), Griffith University, and Healthia. He covers topics such as pulse sequence optimisation, new development, MRI physics, translation of research applications into the clinical space, and multiple specialised clinical applications.

Ben is currently serving on the ISMRT Governing Board and is the Chair for the MRI Safety Committee. He is also a Past President of the ISMRT and ISMRM Governing Board and has served in other previous executive roles.

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Dr. Sherif finished his undergraduate medical degree from University College, Cork in Ireland in 1999 before completing his Master’s degree from University College, Dublin in 2001. Following that, Dr. Sherif rotated through basic surgical training, emergency medicine, and spinal orthopaedics before commencing radiology training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, and finishing his FRANZCR fellowship while at GCUH in 2013.

Zane’s areas of interest and specialisation include brain/spine imaging and interventional procedures, particularly pain management. Dr. Sherif is a keen photographer and is obsessed with image quality, both in his hobby and professional life. When Dr. Sherif is not working, with the little spare time he has, he is consumed by his adorable kids who keep him well anchored and maintain his “Dad Jokes” skill level at top-notch.

And if there is any time left over after that, you may find him on a boat, floating around the Gold Coast waterways at low speed, absorbing the beauty of the Gold Coast city he calls home.