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Reformer Pilates Teacher Training

Embark on an enriching 80-hour journey with our TotalFusion Reformer Pilates course

A unique blend of classical and modern Pilates that explores the fundamentals of both matwork and Reformer principles. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts and aspiring instructors, this course offers a comprehensive learning experience that guarantees an in-depth understanding of the Pilates method.

Throughout this program, you will engage in hands-on, face-to-face training sessions, focusing on learning how to lead dynamic and engaging Reformer classes through exploring the exercises, functional anatomy and language of Pilates. This practical approach will help you develop confidence and expertise so you graduate into your new career as an adept Reformer Pilates instructor.

Our unique combination of classical and modern Pilates ensures that all of our trainees acquire the skills to cater to the evolving needs of their future students, no matter their fitness or experience level. As a nationally recognised, TotalFusion-trained Reformer instructor, you will expertly apply the Pilates method to promote overall health, flexibility, and strength in your students’ daily lives.

The TotalFusion Reformer Pilates course is designed to unlock the transformative power of Pilates, empowering you to guide others toward the enhanced wellness unique to the Pilates Method. With our holistic approach combining classical foundations and modern innovation, this course prepares confident and experienced Reformer instructors to teach in boutique studios, large gyms, and everywhere in- between throughout Australia!

Take this opportunity to elevate your passion for Pilates and embark on a fulfilling path as a TotalFusion-trained Reformer Pilates instructor, impacting lives through holistic and intelligent fitness and wellbeing.

There are no prerequisites required for this training though some experience in Pilates is highly recommended.

Upon completion, you will:

  • Understand and teach functional anatomy in a Pilates context.
  • Master Reformer machine setup and adjustments.
  • Incorporate the Six Essential Pilates Principles.
  • Translate classical Matwork Pilates to the Reformer practice.
  • Learn 120+ foundational Reformer exercises with intermediate to advanced progressions.
  • Create variety with props like the Magic Circle, Small Ball and Resistance Band.
  • Safely modify exercises for individual students’ needs.
  • Discover your own unique teaching style.
  • Learn the secret formula for creating dynamic and engaging classes.
  • Obtain a nationally-recognised certification enabling you to teach Reformer Pilates in any studio or gym across Australia!



Kerri is the Yoga Director for TotalFusion and has been both training yoga teachers, and teaching a broad range of yoga classes for many years, sharing her profound wisdom and experience in helping students to elevate their practice.

Along with running numerous Yoga Teacher Trainings and mentoring Yoga Teachers, Kerri is now also hosting luxury Yoga Retreats in Bali along with additional unique member events for the TotalFusion community.

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