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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Elevate Your Teaching Skills to New Heights With TotalFusion Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Boost your career and expertise with our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program. Ideal for current TotalFusion instructors and anyone with a Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training certificate, this Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course provides an in-depth, 50-hour training experience led by renowned Aerial Instructor, Cassandra Horsman.

Dive into the world of aerial movement and flexibility through our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. Under expert guidance, you’ll gain both theoretical and practical skills to execute over 60 different exercises. This specialised Aerial Yoga Teacher Training ensures you’ll become proficient in the unique techniques that set aerial yoga apart from traditional yoga practices.

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga teacher or a newcomer eager to specialise, our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training offers a robust curriculum to equip you with the skills needed to conduct effective and engaging group classes. This Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is not only an educational investment but also a stepping stone in your journey to becoming a well-rounded aerial yoga instructor.

Coming Soon in 2024

Our advanced training program offers an immersive 50 hours of intensive, in-depth learning, led by experienced Aerial Instructor Cassandra Horsman. This ensures a highly enriching and supportive learning environment where you can thoroughly master both the intricate theoretical concepts and the practical applications of over 60 diverse aerial exercises, tailored to enhance your understanding and technique.

Ideal for TotalFusion Instructors and Level 1 Certified Professionals If you’re currently a TotalFusion instructor or have successfully completed a Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training certificate, this specialised, well-structured course is meticulously designed to build upon and significantly expand your existing knowledge and skills. Serving as an invaluable next step in your professional development, it enhances your capabilities and expertise in the field, preparing you for advanced teaching roles and opportunities.

You’ll walk away with extensive, enriched hands-on teaching experience, empowering you to capably and confidently lead diverse group classes in aerial yoga. This comprehensive and detailed learning journey includes a deep understanding of how to creatively modify poses for a wide range of skill levels, while prioritising and ensuring the utmost safety and enjoyment of every participant. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into effective communication techniques and class management strategies, further enhancing your teaching proficiency.

From exploring the detailed anatomy of aerial yoga to mastering comprehensive sequencing and strategic class planning, this course thoroughly covers all the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required. You’ll gain profound insights into how aerial yoga distinctively influences body mechanics and overall wellbeing, along with understanding its therapeutic benefits. The curriculum delves into the nuances of alignment, breathwork, and the integration of mindfulness practices, providing a holistic approach to teaching and practicing aerial yoga

Expertise and Leadership

Learn directly from Cassandra Horsman, a renowned Aerial Instructor, and gain the benefit of her experience and knowledge. Her teaching methods focus on creating a comprehensive understanding of aerial yoga techniques.

Our immersive training approach is meticulously designed to build not only your confidence but also your competence in a supportive environment. By the end of the course, you’ll be fully equipped and proficient in delivering high-quality, engaging aerial yoga classes. These classes will provide comprehensive physical and mental benefits, catering to various skill levels and promoting holistic wellness. This training ensures you have the necessary skills and knowledge to create a transformative experience for your students.

Mark your calendars and prepare to advance your yoga teaching career. This is your chance to specialise in a growing and dynamic field, enriching both your own life and the lives of your future students. View All Yoga Teacher Trainings. 

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