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At TotalFusion we offer over 40 different class types 100+ times each week, so, we’re certain you’ll find your perfect fit here. If you’re looking for the ultimate introduction to the classes we have on offer, we’ve created a “6 Classes You Must Try” guide as suggested by our very own members and staff!

As you begin training with us, this guide is designed to help you open your mind to movement so that you can experience the most out of your fitness journey at TotalFusion.


Barefoot Bootcamp

Suggested by:  Bernadette Shaw

“I love Barefoot Bootcamp for its intensity! From cardio challenges to kettlebell swings in the heat, this class challenges your physical strength, mental strength and endurance. That’s everything I need to become a stronger healthier version of myself.”

Training Style: Cardio, Weights, Kettlebells and Resistance Bands 

Afterburn Super Circuit

Suggested by: Raechel Augustine

“I absolutely love the Afterburn Super Circuit because it’s got everything I’ve been looking for. It’s a combination of weights and cardio all timed by the clock. This is an upbeat class full of energy and pumping music. It’s an all over body workout that’s so addictive and all done within 45 minutes. I’m wanting to reshape and redefine myself, gain muscle tone and at the same time have some fun doing it. This is without a doubt the class to do that. If you’re looking to transform yourself then this is definitely the class for you . Try it once and you’ll be hooked – I was.”

Training style : Circuit Training, HIIT, range of equipment.  

Boxing Circuit

Suggested by: Scott Nadilo

Favourite Class: Boxing Circuit

“Boxing Circuit is my favourite class because you can push hard and get super sweaty all in 50 minutes.  With a combination of boxing, strength training and cardio, I get to learn a new skill, lift heavy and use unique cardio equipment. It really allows me to push my comfort zone and unleash on the boxing bag after a long day.”

Training Style: Strength, Cardio and Boxing. 


Reformer Pilates

Suggested by: Broughton McIntyre

“Reformer Pilates is hands down my favourite class – you sweat the least but oh dear you hurt the most… the next day! It’s super effective at targeting those muscles you tend to forget about and sculpting a Spartan six-pack!

Training Style: Bodyweight exercises with resistance 

Hot Total Flow

Suggested by: Amy Irvine

“I love Yoga because it keeps me injury free from all the other training I do. I love that I get to slow down and connect my mind and body to the breathe. I am always proud of myself when I can do a new move or bind and it puts me in such a good mindset. My body and muscles love the heat and my flexibility is the best it has ever been.”

Training Style: Heated bodyweight exercises with blocks.  

Club Cycle

Suggested by: Narin Sae-Tieo

“The cardio I get in Cycle is great for my basketball. It conditions my legs without impact and keeps me super fit. My heart and lungs get a massive workout and I love the music. We use weights as part of the track and I love that element of it. With the upper body tracks I still feel like I am getting an all over body workout in a spin class.”

Training Style: Cardio, Weights.