Take your love for movement wherever you go with TotalFusion’s virtual class membership. The ultimate 24/7 option to health and wellness, you’ll have access to a range of easy to follow workouts, meditations, workshops and more!


If 2020 has given us anything, it’s highlighted the importance of maintaining health and wellness wherever you are. Our virtual offerings take the stress out of finding a training space or facility and helps you transform your backyard, home office or front deck into an exciting space to continue to reach your full potential. With new classes added daily and meditations available at the push of a button, we can’t wait for you to join us as you train, breathe and move with your favourite TotalFusion faces.

Improve your movement

Explore balance and flexibility of both the mind and body with our ever-growing range of yoga and pilates classes.

Explore your strength

Barefoot Bootcamps, TABATA, HIIT, boxing and more, let us show you the power of strength training at home!

Centre your mind

At TotalFusion, we focus equal attention on training both the mind and body. Follow our wide range of meditations and mindful practices so that you can focus more on enhancing your all-body wellness.


Follow our featured classes

Not sure what class to move to? Follow our Today’s Recommendation section for a simplified, sample program that features a different modality every single day. It’s about taking the stress out of deciding and empowering you to get the most out of your virtual membership with us!

Join our tribe

As a member with us, you’ll be joining an entire tribe of like-minded individuals that simply love movement! You’ll be invited to exclusive events, workshops and feel supported at every step of your health and wellness journey.

reach your full potential

Whether your intention is to sweat, sculpt, rehabilitate or strength train, we guarantee you’ll find your fit here.

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About zoom

Movement with the added motivation. Continue training with your favourite TotalFusion faces in real-time, thanks to our live Zoom classes. This interactive option is ideal for those chasing the same in-studio guidance and support. If you’ve got a Premium online account, you’ll have access to our full virtual library and live class offerings.  We send out Zoom links to members that have opted into this live training program every week, with frequent email updates and class reminders.

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