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Once we understand our potential, humans become capable of some seriously amazing things. We’re reached the depths of the ocean and soared beyond the stars, we’ve created light and broken the speed of sound. Humans have, and continue to change the world, fuelled by a simple desire to learn, do and be more.

Run, Lift, Repeat. Burn maximum calories by alternating bursts of intense anaerobic exercise with strength training. A 50/50 floor to treadmill class, get ready to increase lean muscle mass and raise your metabolic rate. Suitable for all fitness levels.

From the heat of Barefoot Bootcamp to the grace of Hot Barre Sculpt, Fusion mixes cardio and strength training in the form of yoga, pilates, both heated and non-heated options. Whether you’re looking to sculpt, tone, or boost your endurance, we’ve got something for every fitness level.

Ready to turn up the intensity on your training? With an extensive range of options from strength to boxing, and everything in between, get ready to condition the entire body while working through stations designed to achieve real results.

Elongate, tone and strengthen with our elevated Reformer Pilates classes. These dynamic classes offer a low-impact, maximum-benefit experience that work the body as much as the mind…

Not your standard spin. Our mood-lit, high-intensity cycle classes are run in immersive studio spaces designed to take your training, and mind-set to new heights. Whether you want to perform or party, there is a cycle class style for you.