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From powerful flows, deep restorative sessions, our Yoga classes are designed to bring balance to body, mind, and soul. Cultivate strength and enhance flexibility with a range of heated and non-heated classes.

Feature Classes


Cultivate greater muscular strength
through challenging asanas


Establish greater peace of mind
through mind-body connection


Enhance flexibility and mobility
while restoring the body


What are the different class options?

Power Vinyasa is about transitioning away from our daily lives and exploring the truth of the present moment one breath at a time. The creative sequencing of this class focuses on cultivating strength and athleticism to prepare your body for the stronger and more challenging asana/postures, as well as increase flexibility of mind, body and heart.
Moving to modern and traditional tunes, expect this powerful, heated practice to be sweaty, dynamic and intensely satisfying! All fitness and yogi levels welcome.

TotalFlow is a unique combination of yoga asana/postures and awareness of breath, this class will assist you to build strength, balance and flexibility. TotalFlow’s sequences of postures will take you on a journey of connecting with your breath and tuning into your body, not only strengthening you externally but soothing the mind and nourishing the spirit as well. A place where the body can enjoy deep release and physical rejuvenation. We welcome yogis off all levels to participate.

A TotalFlow experience with the heat turned up! This class allows you to build heat and create an inner fire that cleanses your system as you move. Your body will emerge even stronger as you release impurities and detoxify. Your mind will become more joyous and less stressed due to the healthy stress that the additional heat adds.

Vin Yin also referred to as Yin Yang Yoga, is a yoga sequence that combines the best of Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. Typically Vinyasa as the first half of the sequence and Yin Yoga as the second half. The Vinyasa practice warms the body up internally and rids your body of excess Prana, or energy. After this, your body is ready to relax and lengthen during the Yin practice, immersing yourself into bliss. The combination of this practice will fast track your way to flexibility.

Yin yoga is the yoga of non-doing and is a core practice to the essence of all yoga. It is a prelude to meditation. This deep practice places you in postures for 3 – 7 minutes, allowing the fascia, tendons and ligaments, to stretch and release. Supported and stabilized by various props, you may experience the yoga postures as profoundly relaxing and deeply rejuvenating, invoking a natural state of healing rest, renewal and equanimity. Yin is the perfect complement to any physical (Yang) practice.

This class is designed to heal, restore and rejuvenate. With the use of props, you will be guided into comfortable, supportive, restful postures where you spend a lengthy amount of time letting go and opening into the depths of your being. Using breath work and guided visualisation, this class helps you cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation. In our fast-paced world, restorative yoga is the antidote to the stress and dis-ease that can result from our incessant ‘doing’, and gives us space to simply ‘be’. A great introduction to the world of meditation.

Improve focus and free your mind with TotalFusion’s progressive meditation and breathwork class. Are you ready to master the art of mindfulness, become fully present and grounded within your own body, and learn to manage stress with greater ease? Pranayama focuses on controlling the breath, shifting energy, and improving mindfulness for greater focus, better sleep, and a greater sense of self.

Challenge yourself our Aerial Power Flow class. This class uses a combination of strength and technique based moves for a fun, core engaging flow. Suspended off the floor in our hammocks, confidence is a key component to mastering the art of aerial yoga. Non-heated, this is an intermediate-advanced class recommended to yogis that have completed a minimum of four Aerial Flow classes.

Play with gravity in this low-intensity Aerial Flow class. Using hammocks, enjoy the feeling of being suspended as you are gently guided through a series of elevated movements and meditations. Taught as a sequential flow, this class encourages you to explore movement at a slower pace and welcomes all fitness and yogi levels.

Can I bring a friend?

We allow first time visitors to experience a complimentary class, so you are welcome to contact our team and request a guest visit for your first-timer friend.

What should I bring?

We request that you bring a water bottle, towel and mat. For aerial yoga, please wear long sleeves.

Is this offered at all clubs?

Yes, Aerial Yoga is offered at all locations as part of a Fusion membership type.

What should I do if I am new to Yoga?

Our classes are catered to beginners as well as more advanced members, so feel free to let your instructor know its your first time so they can give you an introduction.