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Discover Our Top 5 Must-Experience Classes

Starting a new fitness journey can be an exhilarating experience, especially when there’s a multitude of classes to explore and enjoy. TotalFusion offers an impressive array of classes, tailored for different interests and fitness levels. If you’re a beginner looking for the perfect entry point, you’re in for a treat!
1. Afterburn Fit: Amplify Your Everyday Strength
Functional Training is all about harmonising your fitness routine with daily life activities. It transcends conventional workouts, emphasising the importance of making routine tasks more efficient and safer. By mirroring everyday movements, it helps in reducing the risk of injuries while boosting overall functionality. Afterburn Fit sessions blend the essentials of strength, agility, and mobility into a comprehensive experience. Participants emerge not just stronger, but more agile and equipped to navigate life’s physical demands.
Why Beginners Will Love It:
Functional training in Afterburn fit isn’t merely about burning calories or building muscles—it’s about enhancing day-to-day life. For newcomers, this class presents an opportunity to witness the tangible benefits of their efforts. Instead of routine gym exercises, they learn to apply their growing strength and flexibility in meaningful, everyday ways. It’s fitness with a direct purpose, making it an ideal starting point for those embarking on their wellness journey.
2. Club Cycle: The Perfect Blend of Fitness and Fun
Immerse yourself in Club Cycle at TotalFusion, a vibrant fusion where the heart-pumping energy of a club syncs with the thrill of indoor cycling. This isn’t just a class – it’s your VIP pass to the most dynamic fitness party around! Driven by powerful club beats, each session transforms into a rhythmic journey. As the music takes over, not only do you find yourself grooving to the beat, but you’re also giving your cardiovascular health a notable boost. Regular sessions promise a balanced and comprehensive workout experience. Club Cycle prides itself on its universal allure. No matter your cycling prowess, be it seasoned enthusiast or someone just exploring, club cycle guarantees an enticing blend of rigorous fitness coupled with sheer fun. With vibrant music echoing and passionate instructors leading the way, each class evolves into a memorable cycling escapade.
Why Beginners Will Love It:
Newbies can dictate their rhythm, adjusting to their comfort level, ensuring every ride is their own unique experience. The collective energy within the room, backed by our supportive instructors, paves the way for a motivating environment. They’ll find encouragement at every turn, ensuring they’re at ease, engaged, and eager for the next ride.
3. Hot Pilates Sculpt: ​​ A Fusion of Heat, Strength, and Passion
TotalFusion’s Hot Pilates Sculpt offers the best of two worlds: the precision of pilates and the energy of HIIT. Set in a comfortably warm studio, it’s a workout designed to challenge you, but always with your individual pace in mind. By incorporating small weights, each pose and action take on added significance. These weights not only up the ante on strength training but also help improve posture and form. As the session progresses, participants find themselves on a journey that seamlessly integrates strength, flexibility, and endurance, delivering a holistic workout experience that’s both fulfilling and invigorating.
Why Beginners Will Love it
While the fusion of pilates precision with HIIT energy might sound intense, the warm studio atmosphere ensures you’re eased into it. This isn’t about pushing until you break; it’s about challenging yourself while respecting your body’s boundaries. The inclusion of weights Offers a unique edge. They’re a friendly intro to strength training, without the intimidation of heavy barbells or intricate gym equipment. And as you’re refining your pilates poses, they’re there to guide and assist, helping to nail down that perfect form. Each class feels like a journey, transitioning from one phase to the next, all while building strength, enhancing flexibility, and boosting stamina.
4. Reformer Pilates: Precision Meets Innovation
TotalFusion’s Reformer Pilates redefines the traditional pilates experience. Leveraging our cutting-edge reformer machines, this class amplifies the essence of pilates, emphasising alignment and meticulous movement. The reformer, equipped with springs, straps, and a sliding carriage, introduces resistance, ensuring every motion is deliberate and beneficial. This innovative apparatus facilitates a versatile range of exercises, promoting deeper stretches, refined muscle tone, and optimal posture alignment.
Why Beginners Will Love It
Reformer Pilates, while sounding advanced, is tailored to be approachable. The warm ambiance of our studio, combined with the structured guidance of the reformer, allows beginners to comfortably adapt. The machine, far from being intimidating, becomes a trusted partner in enhancing poses and movements. It’s a fresh take on strength training without the complexity of bulky gym equipment. As participants refine their techniques, the reformer assists in achieving precision, building strength, and increasing flexibility.
5. Restorative Yoga: A Haven of Tranquility and Renewal
TotalFusion’s Restorative Yoga offers a serene escape, inviting individuals to immerse in a practice focused on the mind, body, and soul. With its series of gentle stretches and prolonged poses, this class is an invitation to deep relaxation and mindful reflection. This form of yoga emphasises the power of stillness. Using props like bolsters, blankets, and blocks, each pose is tailored to support and cradle the body, allowing for total release. The calming ambiance of our studio, paired with the instructor’s soothing guidance, facilitates a journey inward, fostering self-awareness and holistic rejuvenation.
Why Beginners Will Love It
Restorative Yoga, with its calming and gentle approach, is an inviting gateway into the world of yoga for newcomers. Its slow-paced and supportive nature ensures that each individual feels comfortable, irrespective of their prior yoga experience. Beginners will appreciate the emphasis on relaxation and mindfulness, rather than intricate poses or intense flexibility. In this class, the primary goal is to cultivate inner peace, balance, and a deeper connection with one’s self. It offers a unique opportunity to destress, recalibrate, and emerge refreshed and centred.
Discover Your Fitness Rhythm with TotalFusion
From high-octane to meditative, TotalFusion’s fitness offerings are tailored to match every fitness ambition and mindset. Club Cycle introduces you to an electrifying fusion of club vibes and intense cycling, setting the tempo for your fitness journey. Afterburn Fit bridges the gap between workout intensity and functionality. Craving a dynamic mix? Hot Pilates Sculpt effortlessly melds the discipline of Pilates with the zest of HIIT. Reformer Pilates gives a fresh spin to the time-honoured practice with cutting-edge equipment, and for those moments when you need to unwind and breathe, Restorative Yoga is your peaceful oasis.