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Heated Yoga and Fitness Studio: Time to Sweat it and Get it

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We believe that good things come to those who SWEAT which is why our awesome heated studios have become so addictive for our members. You haven’t tried warm until you’ve tried one of our FUSION classes so get ready to sweat out the holiday season and kick your new year goals into shape.

With everything from your Hot Total Barre to your Hot Barefoot Bootcamp and Hot Power Yoga, there’s something here for everyone who’s ready to turn up the heat and sweat it out. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure that you get your sweat on. If you are wondering why you would bother, here are some hot reasons to get moving and embrace the sweat:

Sweating helps your body to fight the baddies and reduce inflammation while boosting immunitySweating help your body to heal wounds and release toxins ~ it’s your body’s own natural antibioticSweating creates a happy place for your brain by boosting endorphins and lowering stress hormonesSweating improves your strength, stimulates the health of your organs and even speeds up recoverySweating makes you smile – just check the faces of our members after a hot class for proof.

It’s true that some people find sweating an effort and even a little bit unpleasant at first, but the benefits are worth getting hot and sticky over.

Check out our range of classes and let us know your favourite hot class.