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Do you know the benefits of moving every day?

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The Total Value of Moving Everyday

At TotalFusion, the essence of our entire brand revolves around inspiring movement as a way of life. Movement helps promote physical health, mental wellness and gets us off our couch. But beyond these surface benefits, regular exercise and movement can impact our internal structure and often, shift the entire trajectory of our day! If you’re chasing some ‘let’s get moving’ motivation or interested in exploring some easy ways to move more every day, read on!
Movement spices up our routine!

Sometimes, it’s hard to not feel stuck in our lifestyle. As we move from home, to work and back home again, our days may become a little static and uninteresting! Adding exercise to our routine or going for a walk can help break up our day and encourage us to stop and do something positive for ourselves. Every time we take part in a new class or routine, we also work to improve the neuroplasticity of our brains, promoting new connections and retention (it’s important to exercise our brains too!)[1].


Increases your mood!

It’s no surprise that we all feel good after a workout! This is the result of your body and brain releasing hormones and neurotransmitters (endorphins). The pleasure effect, in particular, is associated with the increased dopamine production that occurs due to endorphin (high intensity) activity [2]. Once we complete a serious sweat session we may also feel an increased sense of accomplishment, which further fuels a ‘feel good’ rush!


Strengthens our bones 

Moving every day does a remarkable amount to our physical wellbeing, right down to the core. The more we move the denser and damage resistant our bones become. Weight-bearing and resistance building workouts are particularly beneficial! [3].


It boosts your brain function

In a study by the University of British Columbia, researchers discovered that “’regular aerobic exercise’, the kind that gets your heart and your sweat glands pumping, appears to boost the size of the hippocampus, (the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning)” [4]. Exercise has also been linked to assisting in the “regrowth” of neuro- structures which may assist in slowing down cognitive decline in older adults [1].


Aids in Recovery 

Activities like Yoga and Pilates have also been linked to muscular recovery, as their restorative flows and breathwork properties promote deep healing and stretching.

Restorative or Yin based yogas are also widely known for recovery and healing as they possess much calmer, meditative qualities.

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Busy schedule? Explore these easy ways to move more: 

Despite understanding the pure value of movement, it can be extremely hard to find the motivation to move, particularly if it means we can catch a few extra zzz’s in the morning, we commute to work or, we work fulltime in front of a computer. Here, we must reiterate that all movement is good, so, we’ve listed a few easy ways to incorporate it into even the busiest of lifestyles.

  1. Work out date! Whether it be with your bestie or partner, skip the sitdown coffee and take a class together instead!
  2. Shop and stroll! Have some shopping to do or like to be distracted when you walk? Take a stroll around your favourite shopping centre, all steps count!
  3. Get grocery shopping: This probably won’t be an option for a big weekly shop, but if you’re off to pick up a few things from your local grocer, grab a basket over a trolley and you’ve just made yourself a weight to tone up while you walk!
  4. The garden is calling! Got some yard/garden maintenance to take care of? As you pull, shovel and mow your lawn you’ll be working up a sweat whilst also increasing your vitamin D intake!
  5. Take the stairs: If you work or live in a building, skip the lift and take the stairs!
  6. Play with your kids! It might be your fur babies or human ones, but grab your kids and go play in the park. You’ll move more, your kids will move more and your body will LOVE the fresh air!
  7. At-home stretch session: Don’t want to miss your favourite TV show? Try stretching it out in front of the TV! Stretching helps promote flexibility, release tension and improve posture.