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Muscle Recovery
Improve Circulation
Injury Prevention
Reduce Inflammation
Pain Management

Optimising Recovery and Mobility is fundamental to improving your athleticism and overall health. Take advantage of the multitude of recovery tools available to our Beyond members such as NormaTec Compression Devices, HyperIce Recovery Tools, MarcPro Electrical Stimulation, BrainTaps Brain Entrainment Headsets and a host of other tools designed to help you wind down, destress and recover.

How does it work?

Compression devices like the NormaTec apply controlled pressure to limbs to enhance circulation and reduce swelling. They mimic the natural “muscle pump” effect, pushing blood and lymphatic fluid throughout the body. This process helps in clearing metabolic waste, such as lactic acid, reducing muscle soreness. They are popular among athletes for recovery and are also used post-surgery or for those with circulatory issues.


When preparing to use a compression device, it’s essential to wear thin, comfortable clothing, ensuring the device can apply pressure effectively. Staying well-hydrated is equally crucial, as the enhanced circulation from the device aids in fluid movement throughout the body. By taking these preparatory steps, you can optimise the therapeutic benefits and ensure a more comfortable and productive session with the device.

What to expect

When using a compression device, expect an initial snug feeling as it inflates around the limb. You’ll likely experience rhythmic pulsing or sequential compression patterns, promoting enhanced blood flow. Many users equate the sensation to a massage, finding it relaxing. Post-session, limbs often feel lighter and refreshed from improved circulation and reduced fluid buildup. It’s essential to follow guidelines and ensure no undue discomfort.

Recommended Usage

The frequency of using a compression device depends on individual goals and conditions. For athletic recovery, it’s beneficial to use daily after intense activities. If recovering from surgery or injury, consult a healthcare professional, but often multiple daily sessions are advised. For general wellness and maintenance, 2-3 times a week can be effective. Always monitor your body’s response and adjust usage accordingly.

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