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Are you aware that a majority of our daily actions are done automatically? Numerous negative behaviours, including poor eating patterns, sedentary lifestyles, and disrupted sleep, often originate from deeply ingrained habits. Interestingly, it takes about 60-90 days on average to break such habits.

Enter our dedicated health coaching team!

Facing challenges in staying committed?

Even when you’re fully aware of what’s right for your health? Schedule a session with our expert health coach professionals. Our holistic health coaching approach is specifically designed to assist individuals in behavioural modification and cultivating positive habits. Your designated health coach will craft customised plans and ensure frequent interactions, paving the way for you to establish sustainable, transformative habits for better well-being.

What is it?

Improving health often means changing daily habits, which can be challenging. A health coach is your personal guide through this process. They assist in understanding and establishing new healthy habits, especially during difficult times. Our health coaches consider the entire picture of your health. They specialise in changing behaviour and keeping you motivated. With a health coach by your side, you’ll receive a tailored plan, ensuring you maintain good habits for the long haul.

What to expect

Health Coaches are your go to person to help guide you through making changes to your life. They will be a constant point of contact to help provide suggestions, recipes, support, accountability and any number of other requirements that you need to stay on track and achieve your goals. They will also regularly check in with you, every week or fortnight, and monitor any objective measures you might be tracking such as weight, exercise, sleep and more. To help facilitate change, they may regularly send you forms to complete or tasks to complete throughout the week to help you build new habits towards your desired goals.


Health Coach rates are $120 an hour with the following consultation times. Your therapist will determine the optimal consultation time required to manage your condition.
– Initial Consult: 60 minutes ($120)
– Extended Follow Up Consult: 45 minutes ($90)
– Follow Up Consult: 30 minutes ($60)
– Check-In: 15 minutes ($30)
Health Coach may also offer packages over months to help reduce the cost of coaching to you over longer periods. To make true lasting change takes many months, so we recommend people purchase at least 3 months worth of coaching to get the best results.

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