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Take a proactive approach to your personal health optimisation

Get to the root cause of health concerns, elevate your performance as an individual, and unlock your full potential with TotalFusion’s Revolutionary Concierge Medical Practice. With our intake now open for a limited time, this is your sign to get the support you deserve with a highly personalised, all-in-one program.

Our integrated medical team takes a full 360-degree approach to assessing your state, uncovering the barriers that may be hindering you, and providing a personalised plan with ongoing support for precision self-maintenance empowering you to live as well as you can for as long as you can.


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How does the program work?

The Concierge Medical Program, led by TotalFusion’s Medical Director and his team of health experts, is a revolutionary approach to health that puts you in charge of your quality of life with the elevated scientific support you need. This includes:

Longevity health span

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Personalised Testing

The program offers an advanced range of some of the most comprehensive, innovative health testing solutions possible to gain a deeper understanding of your full state-of-health. This includes everything from advanced screening and a full pathology review assessing blood counts and nutrition panels, to assessing family history, strength and movement, diet and more. This in-depth comprehensive wellness assessment takes a snapshot of your health to pave the way for your highly tailored plan.

Once you have completed the comprehensive wellness assessment, you will be provided with a highly tailored plan based on the needs of your unique biology and circumstances to help you achieve optimal health. For maximum effectiveness, this includes ongoing support, check-ins and progress testing with our team of health experts including our Doctor, Physiotherapist and Dietitian, who work together on your health optimisation.

TFP Concierge Medical offers limited spaces for each intake to ensure that each individual on our program receives premium care and attention from our medical team in their personal optimisation journey. We are conducting our first round of discovery sessions up until 30.04.24. Book now to learn more and find out if you qualify for our advanced health optimisation program.


Grace is TotalFusion’s Accredited Dietitian who will support you throughout the 4 week program to help you interpret your data, make optimal changes, and create a sustainable routine to achieve your long-term goals.


You do not need to be an existing TotalFusion member to enquire for the concierge program.
Yes, the Concierge medical program offers on-going subscription based support to continually iterate your plan, fine-tuning and tweaking where necessary to ensure you are always improving. There are various duration-lengths depending on your goals.
There are a number of options available within the concierge program. To find out if you qualify and which is the best option for you, book a discovery call today.
Your blood testing is one of the few parts of the program that is done externally however this is fully coordinated by TotalFusion’s doctor.
To ensure premium service and priority care for our clients, we run a short intake a few times per year before this window closes again. To find out about our next intake, enquire now for a discovery call.

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