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The 101 on CO2 – Learn More About Our Functional Fitness Class

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With every breath, we give our bodies a fresh burst of oxygen which rushes through our bloodstream to all the areas where it’s needed, especially our heart and muscles when we exercise. We all know that when we breathe in, oxygen is absorbed and when we breathe out, carbon dioxide is expelled.

Now, imagine you’re in a room full of people. Very quickly, the pure oxygen in the air will reduce, and you’ll be inhaling more carbon dioxide than oxygen which can cause you to feel light-headed and dizzy.

This is not ideal when you’re trying to find your flow in your yoga practice or push your limits in a functional fitness class.

Most studios rely on basic radiant or infrared systems which are inexpensive and easy to maintain, these systems use a closed-loop recycling process which means that during a class, the air is becoming more and more dense with carbon dioxide, which is not good.

With our focus being on creating not only a beautiful space but the innovation to bring to life training and technology in unique ways, we felt that it was important to invest the time, research and money into ensuring that our members are always breathing clean, fresh, oxygen rich air.

We have fitted out our studios with high tech, state-of-the-art ultra violet, temperature control systems which work on an open loop, so that filtered oxygen is continuously circulated into the studios.  The oxygen purity is what will detoxify your body, and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised after a great class, even the hottest ones.

The UV light works to remove bacteria, germs, viruses, toxins and odours from the air, making it the cleanest, most purified air that you’ll breathe all day.  It’s better for you and will give you a much better workout.

Try one of our hot or warm classes and feel the difference.