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Hot Fusion Class: Sweat, Smile, Repeat

Barre and Fusion Training - TotalFusion

One of the secret weapon’s at TotalFusion are our Hot Fusion classes, for some they can take time to adjust to, however once you go hot, you’ll never go back.

The classes are designed to give you a total fusion of all the elements that sit behind traditional and modern movement practices; strength, heart rate, balance, mobility and mindfulness. With the addition of heat and humidity the classes demand that you are present in body and mind and reward you with a faster transformation.

There are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that you get the most out of your hot Total Fusion Classes and feel fantastic afterwards:

Make sure that you are well hydrated before you get to the studio – attempting a heated class when you are dehydrated is challenging.Arrive in the room 10 minutes early so that you have time to adjust to the temperature of the room before the class starts.Go at your own pace – only you know your body and how it’s feeling, respect yourself and your fitness and do whatever it takes do to feel good during your class.Let the instructor know it’s your first time in the room so that they can support you on your journey.

Every body is different, some people will adjust to the heat quickly and for others it takes a few times. For most people it can take 3-4 classes to get used to the heat and about 6-7 classes to see a big transformation in your fitness and shape. Here are some guidelines to our signature heated classes to help you pick the right class every time:

Yoga Sculpt – hot Yoga fused with strength and HIIT training, with the fundamentals of Yoga and it’s movements, the class is fused with Kettlebells, Dumbbells and bands to 10x your Yoga and Fitness. The room is 35 degrees with 35% humidityBarefoot Bootcamp – this is a Total Fusion of our hot fitness offering and is one of our signature classes, take your strength and cardio training and fuse it with yoga and Pilates. This class is 70% fitness and 100% effort. The room is 35 degrees with 35% humidityBarre Sculpt – hot barre movements with added strength and HIIT training, using the micro movements of barre training with the added elements of strength and interval training this class is designed to give you the slow burn in your muscles and the hot burn in your body. The class is 35% with 35% humidityPilates Sculpt – your hot Pilates class is fused with kettlebells, bands and cardio while using Pilates as a base for your activation this is not your ordinary mat pilates class ~ we add the heat and intensity so you can feel the changes. The room is 35 degrees with 35% humidityTotal Fusion Signature ~ this is hot fitness at it’s best, you’ll use ropes, bells, suspension and balls and HIIT training to challenge your strength and agility. The room is 32 degrees wit no humidity added.Rope and Bells – Yes, this is a hot class, adding heat will take your strength and fitness to a new level, we like to fuse some yoga and mindfulness into this class to keep it real. The room is 32 degrees with no humidity

All these classes are barefoot and grounded on the yoga mat, we also recommend using a yoga towel to maintain stability and keep your feet dry.

As always, our friendly team are there to support you on the journey to making each experience a great one.