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Define and enhance with the lasting beauty of TotalFusion’s Cosmetic Tattoo services. Our experienced technicians use precision techniques to create natural-looking enhancements, from beautifully defined brows to subtly tinted lips. With Cosmetic Tattooing, enjoy the freedom of always-ready beauty without the daily effort. Turn to TotalFusion for trusted, enduring cosmetic solutions that capture your unique essence.


Powder Brows

Elevate your brow aesthetics with TotalFusion’s Powder Brows service. This advanced technique offers a soft, powdered look that mimics the appearance of natural brow makeup, providing both density and definition. Whether you aim to subtly enhance or make a bolder statement, our Powder Brows deliver impeccable, long-lasting results. Trust TotalFusion to frame your eyes with the refined elegance of perfectly crafted Powder Brows.

Lip Blush

Rediscover the vibrancy of youthful lips with TotalFusion’s Lip Blush service. Our Lip Blush technique restores that lost vitality, enhancing the natural hue and redefining contours. While it doesn’t add volume, the blush effect creates the illusion of fuller lips. Embrace the beauty of naturally tinted lips, free from the need for daily lipstick, and enjoy a fresh, captivating look that’s authentically you.


For those looking to make a memorable mark, our eyeliner tattoo is the ultimate choice. Expertly applied to emulate the boldness of traditional eyeliner, this tattoo technique provides a permanent solution that beautifully accentuates and defines the eyes. No more smudges or daily applications; thanks to our Eyeliner Tattoo, enjoy a consistently captivating gaze, perfectly outlined and perpetually impressive.

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