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Fusion Training Tips: Get Better Results on Your Training

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With fitness trends changing in the blink of an eye, it can be hard to find one that sticks. Most of us have been through a ‘phase’ with fitness, and this can come down to a number of factors.  Perhaps you didn’t enjoy the fitness style you chose, maybe the recovery took too long, maybe you didn’t get the results you were after. Either way, the secret to good results, a healthy body and a balanced mind is finding a practice that you love.  Something that you can’t live without. They say you can’t please everyone but fusion training might just be the exception to that particular rule!

Created on the principle of ‘everyday movement’, fusion training is predominantly barefoot and combines the modalities of eastern and western training styles. It’s the idea that movement is and should be a ‘way of life’. Humans have lived by way of movement from the beginning of time; from hunter gatherers, to roman gladiators and Olympians. As a species we were built to move! So why have we let the stress of modern-day life win over our health and well-being?

These days, a HIIT class every fortnight isn’t enough for us to thrive – we need to get back to our fundamental beginnings, and move daily. At TotalFusion, it’s our goal to re-introduce this principle, by encouraging our members to experience fusion training and try their hand at something a little bit different. Something that we know will stick.

Fusion training combines the mindfulness, mobility and balance of an eastern style of training with the heart rate, strength and intensity of a western style of training. This integration brings the best of both worlds to your workout, by appealing to your body and mind.

The benefits of this east-meets-west training style are countless. Each class will leave you with a refreshed body and a clear mind to tackle everyday life. Forget about choosing between yoga and a functional training, you can do both. All of our classes incorporate a component of east and west, combining cardio and balance.

By blending the elements of earth, air, fire and water, fusion training can have an extremely positive affect on each and every person. Through barefoot exercise, you are able to actively use the ground to connect yourself with the earth and other elements. Similarly, heated workouts offer the opportunity to expand the mind, as they use mental fortitude as well as physical stamina.

Integrating eastern and western training styles means twice the workout in half the time – making a fusion training workout like no other. Addictive, empowering and refreshing, a TotalFusion class is sure to leave you feeling more human than ever.