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Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

glucose monitoring

Greater Performance, Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in an individual’s performance, recovery, and overall health. Having good blood sugar control isn’t just important for people with Diabetes. Research shows that high blood sugar spikes are actually very common amongst individuals who are considered to be “healthy”. These spikes may be at the root cause of your irregular energy levels, stubborn body fat, hormonal imbalances and much more!.

What is a CGM?

A technological advancement that has revolutionised the way individuals monitor and manage their energy levels is the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).  A CGM is a device that provides real-time data on glucose levels, offering insights into how a person’s body responds to different types of foods, the timing of meals, sleep, stress and exercise. This continuous stream of information enables people to make informed decisions about their diet and lifestyle factors – helping to provide tailored strategies to their body’s specific needs.

Optimise your performance with your data

Many of us struggle with consistent energy throughout the day as a result of regular spikes and drops in blood sugar levels (BSLs). Identifying specific foods and meal timings to avoid these crashes can help improve our energy, cognition and overall performance. Surprisingly, certain “healthy foods” can also cause drastic spikes and rebound crashes after consumption. As a result, CGMs are a great tool to evaluate the diet and highlight problematic foods that may be contributing to energy slumps throughout the day.

Achieve effective weight loss with a science-backed solution

If you’re trying to lose weight, having consistent blood sugar spikes may be hindering your progress. Eating carbohydrates and sugar can rapidly spike your blood sugar which can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves. In response, your body produces a hormone called insulin to lower your levels back down to normal. If your diet contains too many carbohydrates (eg. rice) or refined sugars, you will have continuous spikes which will increase the release of insulin. 

Over time, continuously high levels of insulin cause your body to become resistant to its effects and therefore, your body will produce more insulin to lower your blood sugar back down to a healthy range. This is called insulin resistance. Continuously high insulin levels instruct the liver to convert excess sugar into fat which is then stored away in various parts of the body, resulting in weight gain.  With a CGM, you’ll learn what foods and habits are triggering these spikes and exactly how to eat to “burn more fat.


Understand your body’s unique nutritional needs

CGMs can shed light on the individualised nature of nutrition. What works for one person in terms of diet and timing might not work for another. Through continuous monitoring, people can uncover their unique glucose responses to different foods and activities, allowing them to customise their nutrition with precision. This level of personalisation was previously unattainable and represents a significant leap forward in sports nutrition and performance optimisation.
CGMs are perfect for those keen to refine their nutrition strategy, enhance their performance, and achieve their health and fitness goals. By embracing this technology, you can unlock a deeper understanding of your body, enabling you to be the best version of yourself whilst maintaining optimal health.

Take the First Step Today

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