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6 Ways To Biohack Your Way To Better Health 


Imagine if there was a way to get better quality sleep, upgrade your brain health, experience less inflammation or bloating, eliminate fatigue, fine-tune your ability to concentrate, feel more energised, and generally get more out of your hours. If you are curious about how you could tap into what sounds like a super-human version of your existing self, you need to learn about Biohacking. 

Though it may sound extreme, it really is a term used to describe how you can improve overall health, daily performance, and well-being by making fundamental lifestyle changes.

Renowned biohacker Dave Asprey has described it as “the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you so that you have full control over your own biology”. This can cover a broad range of factors including sleep, nutrition, gut-health, hydration, screen-time, supplements, and a substantial range of innovative wellness services that help us to improve in leaps and bounds in these fundamental areas.

6 ways you can biohack your way to better health:


  • Expose yourself to nature, fresh air, and sunlight daily
  • Experience the benefits of alternating environmental stressors such as hot and cold temperatures (cold plunge pools, saunas, etc.)
  • Avoid toxins from water, plastics, furniture, cookware, and more
  • Hack your air by using an air purifier in your home 


  • If you’re struggling to sleep, its important to have your sleep assessed by a professional
  • Ensure 7-9 hours of sleep per night
  • Get sun exposure during the day 
  • Try tracking your sleep with a sleep tracker 


  • Manage stress and maintain more balance by incorporating meditation, yoga, or breathwork
  • Experiment with services that target stress reduction like float sessions, saunas, and massage therapies.
  • Aim to reduce your weekly screen time by reducing this where possible in your down time


  • Follow a diet that focuses on nutrient-dense whole foods that our ancestors have eaten for thousands of years. 
  • Avoid inflammatory foods: processed foods, seed oils, alcohol, excessive sugar  
  • Work with a nutritionist/dietician to get a personalised nutrition plan
  • Focus on optimising gut health and the microbiome for optimal health
  • Hack your biochemistry with personalised supplements recommended by our team after completing blood work to assess for deficiencies


  • Incorporate more walking and incidental movement each day to avoid being sedentary
  • Try different exercise options to find ones you enjoy and can hence maintain, along with reaping the benefits of a varied fitness routine.
  • Incorporate mobility and strength work while balancing low  and high-intensity training
  • Focus on recovery by doing yoga or using recovery equipment like Normatec or HyperVolt percussion guns. 


  • Try industry-leading biohacks such as PEMF or Red Light Therapy to power-charge your energy levels
  • Use an all-in-one biohacking machine called the HOCATT to get full body optimisation using steam, infrared, PEMF, light therapy, and more all in 1 intensive session.
  • Hack your brain by using the BrainTap to put yourself into specific brain states that reduce stress.
  • Request a personalised biohacking protocol based on your own physiology including a series of testing plus access to revolutionary life-changing wellness services tailored to your individual needs.

At Beyond by TotalFusion, our mission is to help you optimise your own potential as a human. We believe the only way to do this is by taking a highly personalised approach to your own biology, address the key environmental factors that are inhibiting your day-to-day performance, and unleash your potential in a supportive approach. 

For more information about our biohacking services at BEYOND TotalFusion, contact [email protected]


Words by:

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Richard Game AFMCP, MPT 

Functional Medicine Practitioner and Physiotherapist

An avid bio-hacker, Richard is obsessed with optimising human health and performance, constantly seeking to change the paradigm of our healthcare (sick care) model to a preventative ‘live better’ one. Utilising evidence-based methods that combine functional and evolutionary medicine, Richard has experience working in a range of areas including, complex pain, gut health, sports performance, longevity, sleep, autoimmunity and chronic fatigue.