Hot Pilates Teacher Training

Welcome to TotalFusion’s 50 hour Hot Pilates Teacher Training!

October 15th -17th TotalFusion Mt Gravatt

A skill-based certification, our Hot Pilates Teacher Training course will provide you with everything you need to confidently understand, cue and teach Hot Pilates Sculpt classes.

This course comprehensively covers: 

  • Core pilates drills, including pre-pilates, mat 1 and mat 2
  • How to structure and sequence a class
  • Cueing, modifications, regressions, and progressions
  • The technical foundation of mat pilates work
  • TotalFusion teaching standards and language
  • Movement optimisation and optimal drill flow
  • Hybrid H.I.I.T, Tabata and circuit training methods
  • The importance of speaking, presentation and personal development
  • In-room instructor presence and teacher-student assistance methods
  • Heat standards and safety 

 Our cohort takes a fluid approach to teaching and constantly considers movement in all aspects of life. We apply this belief to our curriculum by teaching those who partake in our course to become increasingly adaptive, flexible and responsive both in and out of our studios.

This is an Australia Fitness Network approved course and runs across three intensive days.

Early bird pricing: $799 + GST

Offer ends September 30th

Regular Pricing: $899 + GST

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Payment includes comprehensive training and take-home manuals of 1 x teacher essentials and 1 x Hot Pilates training.

Pre-requisites: None! This course is open to both aspiring teachers or those looking to elevate their own hot pilates knowledge to get the most out of each class.

Want to become a teacher with the tribe?
Take advantage of our teacher training packages:
BaseGx Course (TotalFusion Cert 3 equivalent) – $950
Package Deal – Hot Pilates Sculpt Training & BaseGx Course – $1649
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