8 Positive Things To Consider While You Stay At Home

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When negative thoughts consume our minds it can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unmotivated. To help maintain a positive perspective during this time, we’re working to shift our thinking towards the brighter side of isolation and social distancing. And, while we must disclose that we understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed tremendous strain on medical, economic, and social systems, we hope this list of ‘8 Positive Things To Consider While you Stay At Home’ enables you to find the silver lining of your current stay-cation! 

1. Working from home

One of the most significant changes to the COVID-19 situation is that many of us have shifted our office jobs to at-home work. This shift means we’re spending little to no time stuck in traffic and spending less on fuel, (a win for both our wallets and Mother Earth!). We’re also becoming much more self-aware of our productivity and without our workplace distractions, are achieving great things in a 9-5 day. 

2. Quality Time with Family/partner 

With all of this additional time at home, we’re also much more available to our family. Rather than lunching at our desks, we’re now breaking with our children, eating with our partner and without the need to commute, have more time after work to spend with them too! 

3. Increased awareness of health 

If anything, this time has forced us to increase our awareness of our health and immunity. For the first time, we’re prioritising, sleep, vitamins, fresh air, walks and meditation. This time also serves as the perfect opportunity to reset our priorities and reassess our work-life balance! 

4. Gratitude towards the little things

As we slow down and isolate, many of us are finding ourselves with more time to reflect and meditate. As we do so, we’re becoming much more grateful for the little things. A good cup of coffee, the morning sun, a phone call from our family and friends, even the sweet delight of sleeping in can be enough to positively shift our attitude each day! 

5. Becoming a better fur parent 

Right now, pets around the world are probably the happiest they’ve ever been! No longer are they waiting for their fur parents to return from work as days are being broken up by play, and pat intervals are becoming a routine thing! 

6. You now have time!

Have you ever used the “I just don’t have time” excuse to not start or do something you love? Now that the world has slowed down, you have time to do, be, and create anything you like! So go on, pick up that paintbrush, upskill yourself or read that book you’ve been putting off!  

7. The Earth is breathing

As we all stay at home and cut down our travel, the Earth’s air pollution has dropped dramatically. While many believe this is a temporary reprieve, perhaps this time might show everyone the benefits of reducing any unnecessary travel. 


8. Return of the phone a friend era 

Rember rushing home from school and jumping on the phone to your friend to debrief on the day’s events? As social distancing stops us from seeing our loved ones, many of us are opting out of impersonal texts and favouring Facetimes and phone calls once more! This is serving as a great way to maintain our human connection and is a wholesome way to break up our day. 

We’ll conclude with a quote from Oprah, “the smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around?”