Training Studio Update About Covid-19

Fight Covid 19 with Handwashing - TotalFusion


To our Tribe,

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that we’ll be temporarily closing our studio doors across all locations from lunchtime today, Monday the 23rd of March until further notice. This comes in response to the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation.

We’re going virtual

As we continue to make your health and wellbeing our top priority, we’ve been working around the clock to launch virtual offerings of some of your favourite TotalFusion classes to be enjoyed at home. This will be available to all members via our website shortly (email to follow), but please be patient as we iron out a few kinks first.  


We’re suspending all active memberships until we re-open our studio doors free of charge. For those wishing to continue paying their full membership in an extended effort to support the TotalFusion brand, please let us know and we will bill accordingly.

We’re in this one together

We’re all navigating this strange, uncertain time together and wanted to extend our ongoing love and support. Please feel free to follow us on Instagram @totalfusionaustralia as we continue to provide some human connection, wellbeing posts, updates and workouts from the comfort of your very own home. 

Thank you for your ongoing understanding and patience. 

With love and gratitude,

TotalFusion Australia


At TotalFusion, we are doing everything we can to maintain a happy and healthy movement space. We are continuing to adhere to all government advice and have made a list of our in-studio changes below: 

Social Distancing

As per Government regulations, we’re implemented all necessary social distancing practises including:

  • Enforcing people to stay home if they are sick
  • Adhering to a 1.5-metre distance between staff, members and trainers
  • Providing 4 square metres per person in each studio space
  • Stopping handshaking and hugs as a greeting
  • Holding meetings via video conferencing or phone call where possible to reduce in-studio numbers
  • Promoting good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene
  • Providing hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities for all members and staff
  • Limit food handling and sharing of food in the workplace
  • Promote the strictest hygiene among food preparation in our Refuel bar
Increased Cleaning 

We are increasing cleaning shifts in between each of our sessions and throughout the day to include: 

  • Stringent antibacterial sweeps
  • Making hospital-grade wipes available in every room
  • Frequently wiping down our studio and reception areas
  • Increasing the cleaning and disinfecting of our high touch surface areas
  • Implementing more-thorough yoga mat and equipment cleaning

We also infuse eucalyptus oil into our hospital-grade cleaning products to further fight bacteria and germs. Eucalyptus oil has been linked to possessing antibacterial properties that can help fight pathogenic bacteria in the upper respiratory tract. 

Class Reductions (Studio)

We’ve reduced the frequency of our timetable to adhere to government advice and lower the potential capacity of people in each location at any given time.

Class Capacity Reductions (Members)

We’re reducing the capacity of our classes to comply with all current Australian government advice.


Our entire team has been advised to monitor and move the spacing of equipment and members in each of our classes to adhere to social distancing protocol.

Reduction of Shared in-studio equipment

Where possible, we are reducing the use of shared in studio equipment, opting for personal equipment in our sessions.

Late Fees Waived

All $20 late cancellation fees will be waived up until class start time to encourage anyone feeling unwell to stay home without fear of being charged.

Air Purification

Each of our studios and heated rooms are fitted with industry-leading air purification systems. These systems have been proven to stop the growth of 99.99% of all microorganisms, which includes viruses like the flu. They are also equipped with UV light sterilisation capabilities to further breakdown the presence of bad bacteria and germs.


We have enforced a strict, no towel no train policy to reduce the potential spreading of sweat in class.


We have implemented a hygiene checklist that our members must follow before attending each session. This checklist is kept at our reception desks as the first point of contact for our members, as well as listed below:


We kindly ask our members to help us maintain our health standards by:

  • Thoroughly washing hands as much as possible
  • Using the wipes provided to clean equipment
  • Showering after excessive sweating
  • Reducing hugs and hi-fives
  • Most importantly, avoiding class if you suspect that you have a virus of any kind- remember, rest is best!

We appreciate our entire community for their patience and due-diligence as we continue to navigate through this difficult time. We will keep you updated with any further changes as they take effect, and can’t wait to see you in studio.

For personal advice relating to the evolving COVID-19 situation please refer to the Australian Government website: